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What is The Canopy?

The Canopy will create a new home to address the pressing challenges of sustainable development. The Canopy will be a space for people and organisations with a common vision to share ideas, resources and networks; to inspire fresh thinking; and to bring diverse voices to the heart of global policy debates. A beacon of low-carbon, resource-efficient architecture and activity, The Canopy is a source of innovative thinking on sustainable development challenges.

The founding organisations are considered members of The Canopy, and will utilise the building as their new headquarters. Selected organisations will be invited to join The Canopy, either as Canopy members or as tenants. Members will form part of The Canopy umbrella charity, and will therefore receive added benefits of collaboration with other Canopy members as well as tenancy. Tenants will not form part of the charity, but will of course benefit from their location in The Canopy due to its sustainability credentials and geographic location.


Key Canopy Principles

Sustainability: The project will be exemplary in all aspects of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

Innovation: A new type of working environment will support the development of new ideas and global initiatives, while the building will serve as a test-bed for new low carbon technologies.

Efficiency: Simplicity, flexibility and effectiveness in construction, operation and use will ensure that the project is achieved at reasonable cost, and improves the operational effectiveness of all users.

Connection: A welcoming, interactive communal space will create synergies between all the building’s users and international partners.

Community: The building will provide a focus for research, debate and education for global and local communities.

Opportunity: Recognising the major global challenges we now face, the building will bring together a community dedicated to making sustainable development a reality.

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